Firstly I just wanted to say thank you all for signing up for this!  This has been so fast that I never really stopped to thank you all and just stand back to appreciate that within a few days this project will be kicked off.

We have a large Moleskine plain notebook that is approx. 240 pages.

So first, here are some basic rules for the project:

1. e-mail me once you get the book in the mail.  Sending a picture would be awesome as well, but not mandatory.
2. e-mail me once you send the notebook off.
3. Once you get the notebook you have one week to make your contribution and pop it in the mail.  If you haven’t added anything to it after a week, well, too bad.  Either add something quickly or pop it in the mail.  Sorry, but we need to keep this project moving.
4. After you make a contribution take a photo/scan of what you’ve done and send it my way.  This is just to keep the blog alive.  If you don’t have either a camera or scanner, then the next person who receives the notebook can do it.
5. If there is ANY change in your address or you are away on a trip and you have not yet received the notebook, let me know.  I’ll make the appropriate changes.
6. If you are handing this notebook to friends, let me know whether they will be mailing it or you will and if this will take more than a week.  I will consider stuff like that on a case-by-case basis.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.  As you’ve probably figured, contacting me is a big thing.  This is just to keep in contact with everyone involved in the project and to ensure that it all goes smoothly.

Now as for what to put in…go absolutely fucking wild.  Draw, paint, craft, write, paste photographs or whatever the hell else you want.  Your stuff will probably leak out in to other pages and…that’s fine.  You can even paste two pages together to get a thicker paper…or whatever.  I’ll let you think of it.  But there is going to be a maximum of four pages you can use.

Now for the matter of international shipping:  who here is willing to pay the costs for international shipping?  I’d like to put together a list.

So…that’s all for now!  Any questions, e-mail me at

Take care,


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