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ATX Notebookery’s First Submission

The ATX Notebookery Project has its first official submission. For some reason beyond my comprehension, the image here is compacted horizontally. To see it in its full horizontally acceptable glory, you can check it out in full here.




Current notebook location: New York City

Lovely contribution by James Puckett showing pride for the beloved forum of well-known fear monger Warren Ellis.

Next notebookery update will be on Friday!  A person-to-person hand off was involved and not the usual slow mail system!

ALSO!  Our sibling project over in Austin, TX has been written about in the Austin Makes A Book project blog with an interview and description of the project!  Go Austin!

A Post-Apocalyptic Sketchbook

Have you heard of my friend Roo’s site Post-Apocalyptic Sketchbook?  You should check it out.  Drawings with a post-apocalyptic theme to it.  There is some AMAZING stuff in there already.  Check it out and contribute.  Excellent way to be creative while waiting for the notebook too.

Current Tally of Contributors

So here is the current amount of people involved in the project so far and where they are from:

Canada (6)
America (32)
England (7)
Scotland (3)
Australia (4)
Iceland (1)

Because of the volume, we won’t be accepting anymore contributors from the United States.  People from all other countries can still sign up though!

And So It Begins…

Hi there.  Welcome to Notebookery.

What is Notebookery?  Well it’s this:

Basically I get a mailing list together, buy a moleskine notebook and ship that baby off to a random mailing address on the list.  That person gets it, does whatever they want with 1 or more pages (drawing, writing, arts and crafts, pasting a picture, anything!).  When that person is done, they pick an address on the list and mail the moleskine off and the whole process is repeated until the book is finished and sent back to me.  Later on, the book may or may not be auctioned off with the cash going to charity minus the costs for another notebook so we can start the cycle all over again (Though that last part isn’t confirmed yet).  While all this is going on, a blog will be up (which is what you’re reading now).  What we’d like is when a person has done their contribution, they scan it and up it goes on the blog (which keeps it active).  The blog post will have their piece as well as links and information about them.

The point of Notebookery is to bring together artists of all kinds from all over the world and have them do what they love doing.

There are other projects going on that we will be linking to or hosting on this site.  There’s a strictly UK version of Notebookery as well as an online Post-Apocalyptic Sketchbook project that you can bet your ass we’ll be putting up here.

Keep watching this site for updates.  It will most likely be going down next week.

ALSO!  For those interested in being a part of this, email us at with your full mailing address.