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The ATX Notebookery Project is Going Strong!

Cheers, folks! I’ve been remiss in not posting the ATX Notebookery project’s progress on the main Notebookery site! My apologies. Things have been a bit hectic.  Nevertheless, we’ve been going strong, trying to get a new submission up each week on Wednesdays. It usually ends up being every other week, but Wednesday is the day!  While the original Notebookery notebook is stuck in postal-limbo, come take a look at what’s going down in the Lone Star State.  We’ve also set up a Facebook page for the project, if you’re into that kind of thing.  Also, we’ve put together a Google Map that’s tracking our notebook’s progress through Austin.  And that’s pretty much it, people.  Come take a look at what we’ve got!  Take care, all!


ATX Notebookery Update!

The ATX Notebookery Notebook LIVES!

After a few fits and starts, we’ve finally neared the completion of the notebook.  It should enter circulation within the next week.

Check it out on the ATXNotebookery blog.  I’ve posted links to a slideshow of the notebook construction process, so far.


ATX Notebookery

So Bern is setting up an Austin, Texas chapter of Notebookery and he’s had a couple of awesome ideas!  The first being to give ideal page dimensions to all the contributors, have them do their thang, then at the end have a big party where the contributions will be binded!

However after some thought he’s decided that the notebook will be bound beforehand on Thursday.  I’m being assured that it is an amazing leather.  Wonderful stuff.  Expect to see content from the ATX Notebookery in the near future!

Best of luck to you folks in Austin!

Also, tomorrow I’ll be posting up the awesome stuff coming from the UK!