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Current notebook location: New York City

Lovely contribution by James Puckett showing pride for the beloved forum of well-known fear monger Warren Ellis.

Next notebookery update will be on Friday!  A person-to-person hand off was involved and not the usual slow mail system!

ALSO!  Our sibling project over in Austin, TX has been written about in the Austin Makes A Book project blog with an interview and description of the project!  Go Austin!


NotebookeryUK – LOST!

Our sibling project NotebookeryUK has lost their notebook.  It was last seen in Aberdeen in the hands of a very shifty looking postman and his cat.  Here’s a picture of him with the notebook:

If only we knew just how evil that bastard was.  The grandmaster at NotebookeryUK says this:


One notebook, last seen leaving Aberdeen in the hands of what may or may not have been a very hungry-looking mailman.


Please contact or leave a comment with details of what the little blighter is up to, we’re all very worried about it.

I’m going to be fairly pre-occupied till after halloween (I work full-time and have a severe lack of days off), which is a fairly definitive amount of time for a notebook to show up or not – I’ll maybe try another run then. I’m fairly sure already that it’s AWOL, because there isn’t even an actual strike on just now. Fuck’s sake!

I think next time will involve much much registered post. Mainly to stop the damn posties and their munchies 😦

We all, of course, hope it pops up.  Damn you, Pat!


ATX Notebookery

So Bern is setting up an Austin, Texas chapter of Notebookery and he’s had a couple of awesome ideas!  The first being to give ideal page dimensions to all the contributors, have them do their thang, then at the end have a big party where the contributions will be binded!

However after some thought he’s decided that the notebook will be bound beforehand on Thursday.  I’m being assured that it is an amazing leather.  Wonderful stuff.  Expect to see content from the ATX Notebookery in the near future!

Best of luck to you folks in Austin!

Also, tomorrow I’ll be posting up the awesome stuff coming from the UK!

I Used To Knead You

Current notebook location: Scottsdale, AZ

Who doesn’t love bread?  And puns? The wonderful Jeffrey Owens combines one of the two great things in life.  He even included a song that he wrote about bread!  Called The Bread Song!  Here’s what he wrote in his e-mail:

It took me probably a little longer than it should have to get this done.  Honestly, there is some really great stuff in here that made it quite daunting.  I didn’t want to screw it up at all.  I had a couple of ideas, but this is the one that just kept coming back into my mind.  For some reason, I seem to have an affinity for bread-related things.  I even wrote a short hip-hop song about bread a year or so ago, which I have also included, for your listening pleasure.

Here’s the AWESOME Bread Song:

Notebookery UK Relaunch

Our friends over in the United Kingdom are restarting the Notebookery UK Project after a bumpy start.  And they’re looking for contributors.  Do you live in the UK?  Then go.  Contribute now.  Don’t wait for it, just e-mail them your mailing address at

Of course, thecontributions will be posted on their website as well as

Godspeed, little notebook.

Until I Die And Come Back Home

Current notebook location: Austin, TX

Beautiful poem and drawing by Bernard.  Absolutely beautiful.  Here’s part of the e-mail he sent with it:

“Well, I got the notebook on Monday, and as I’ve been unconscionably busy with work, I decided I’d hunker down and add my piece quickly.

I really had no clue what to do, as all of the great ideas I’d had bouncing around in my brain decided to flee as soon as I had my hands on the notebook itself.  That, and the talent already poured into this thing is intimidating. I’m glad I got in before the talent bar got raised too ridiculously high.

So, I adapted a poem I’d written a while back.  Hope this is a good addition.”

It definitely did.  Thank’s, Bern.  He also included a pic of him with the notebook, but I’m going to save that for later on the week.  This might be eluding to an interview.

What Tesla Needed To Shoot

Current notebook location: In between Pompton Lakes, NJ and Austin, TX

WONDERFUL Tesla contribution from the very talented Joshua Gordon.  Battles between one of the worlds greatest inventors and terrifying Lovecraftian monsters have been running through my head for days.  This and the image below are another amazing addition to the Notebook. (NOTE!  Click on the images for the ability to enlarge)

Apologies on posting this late (I had received this on Wednesday).  Totally my fault.  Just some crazy crap is going down on the home front.  Won’t let it happen again.

The Notebook left Joshua’s home and is now making it’s way to Austin, Texas.  Land of the world-class BBQ, the cowboy hat, casual gun shooting in the air while screaming with joy, clock tower shootings and…uh…waffles.

Austin is not to be confused with Dallas, which I just know of from sitcoms and people yelling about football.  I will admit, that I’m kind of disappointed that the Notebook isn’t going to Dallas as well.  It will miss out on the giant golden statue of Tom Landry looking up at the sky with cheerleaders at his feet.

Here is what the Notebook could have experienced in Dallas, but since it’s Texas, I’m assuming Austin will be very similar.  Just replace the name Dallas with Austin.