NotebookeryUK – LOST!

Our sibling project NotebookeryUK has lost their notebook.  It was last seen in Aberdeen in the hands of a very shifty looking postman and his cat.  Here’s a picture of him with the notebook:

If only we knew just how evil that bastard was.  The grandmaster at NotebookeryUK says this:


One notebook, last seen leaving Aberdeen in the hands of what may or may not have been a very hungry-looking mailman.


Please contact or leave a comment with details of what the little blighter is up to, we’re all very worried about it.

I’m going to be fairly pre-occupied till after halloween (I work full-time and have a severe lack of days off), which is a fairly definitive amount of time for a notebook to show up or not – I’ll maybe try another run then. I’m fairly sure already that it’s AWOL, because there isn’t even an actual strike on just now. Fuck’s sake!

I think next time will involve much much registered post. Mainly to stop the damn posties and their munchies 😦

We all, of course, hope it pops up.  Damn you, Pat!



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