Until I Die And Come Back Home

Current notebook location: Austin, TX

Beautiful poem and drawing by Bernard.  Absolutely beautiful.  Here’s part of the e-mail he sent with it:

“Well, I got the notebook on Monday, and as I’ve been unconscionably busy with work, I decided I’d hunker down and add my piece quickly.

I really had no clue what to do, as all of the great ideas I’d had bouncing around in my brain decided to flee as soon as I had my hands on the notebook itself.  That, and the talent already poured into this thing is intimidating. I’m glad I got in before the talent bar got raised too ridiculously high.

So, I adapted a poem I’d written a while back.  Hope this is a good addition.”

It definitely did.  Thank’s, Bern.  He also included a pic of him with the notebook, but I’m going to save that for later on the week.  This might be eluding to an interview.


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