What Tesla Needed To Shoot

Current notebook location: In between Pompton Lakes, NJ and Austin, TX

WONDERFUL Tesla contribution from the very talented Joshua Gordon.  Battles between one of the worlds greatest inventors and terrifying Lovecraftian monsters have been running through my head for days.  This and the image below are another amazing addition to the Notebook. (NOTE!  Click on the images for the ability to enlarge)

Apologies on posting this late (I had received this on Wednesday).  Totally my fault.  Just some crazy crap is going down on the home front.  Won’t let it happen again.

The Notebook left Joshua’s home and is now making it’s way to Austin, Texas.  Land of the world-class BBQ, the cowboy hat, casual gun shooting in the air while screaming with joy, clock tower shootings and…uh…waffles.

Austin is not to be confused with Dallas, which I just know of from sitcoms and people yelling about football.  I will admit, that I’m kind of disappointed that the Notebook isn’t going to Dallas as well.  It will miss out on the giant golden statue of Tom Landry looking up at the sky with cheerleaders at his feet.

Here is what the Notebook could have experienced in Dallas, but since it’s Texas, I’m assuming Austin will be very similar.  Just replace the name Dallas with Austin.


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